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It has become fashionable to hate the late Yugoslavia, or to diagnose it retroactively as a kind of Frankenstein assemblage of mismatched parts whose dissolution was thus inescapable and inevitably bloody. But, a few decades from now, when some historian on a think-tank sinecure looks at the devastation in America left in the wake of Trump and his troops, she might discover abundant evidence of hundreds of years of hatred and inherent American racism, with all kinds of historical inevitability leading to the catastrophe. The bad guys won in Yugoslavia and ruined what they could, as soon as they could; the bad guys are doing pretty well in America, too. But nothing is inevitable until it happens.

Lepa Radić

My Mother and the Failed Experiment of Yugoslavia | The New Yorker

Remember when little Chrissie Evert shook up conventional tennis with her two-fisted backhand, then an unconventional shot? Well, the big and famous Chris Evert passed up the French Open this year in part because she couldn't cope with the latest innovation: the two-fisted forehand, as presented by year-old Monica Seles from Yugoslavia. Seles, a left-hander who cannot seem to get a sentence out without a giggle, has been drawing a lot of attention since she beat Evert in April in the final of a tournament in Houston. Today, she breezed past Zina Garrison, seeded fourth, to reach the final 16 of the French Open. Her , victory followed similarly easy triumphs over Ronni Reis and Stacey Martin, both Americans. If she continues playing as well as she did today, Seles could find herself in a semifinal match against Steffi Graf.

Yugoslavia’s Ethnic Tensions Felt in Detroit Area

Upstairs in the cozy, couch-laden den, Yugoslavian Bojana Popic sits before the television. Videotapes of television news segments displaying her war-torn hometown of Sarajevo play before her. Telephone lines were knocked out nearly two months ago when the Serbians and Bosnians first took their long brewing animosity to the city streets. Fortunately, Popic knows her family is OK. Her mother works at the national radio station, and can call her weekly to supply updates and reassurance.
Wikimedia Commons Lepa Radic stands still as a German official prepares the noose around her neck just before her execution in Bosanska Krupa, Bosnia on Feb. Nevertheless, this brave young woman joined the Yugoslav Partisans in the fight against the Nazis — a fight that ended in her execution at just Facing Nazi attack on all fronts, Yugoslavia was quickly defeated and dismembered by the Axis powers.