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Here in the arena players may select their opponents to battle for victory and prizes. It's important to note that the arena has a triangle faction counter bonus. There are three types of battles that can occur. The arena has a bracket of 14 ranks going from , which include rank up rewards obtained once, after reaching a new previously unobtained rank. In TABA each card belongs to a faction and there are three factions. Each faction can be easily determined by the cards background color: These factions are Taimanin red , Demon blue , and UFS yellow.

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The expanded view offers a good snapshot of each card with a lot of information. However, the formatting prevents proper sorting. Compact view allows for sorting of table values such as ATK, but shows slightly less information about each card. In both views, you can sort by rarity and faction using the tabs. The compact view allows list sorting by clicking on the small arrows next to the column name. Tip: To sort by multiple columns, hold shift while clicking the arrows. A card list optimized for mobile users will be available soon.

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Eventually the goal is to have a more complete guide written, but for the time being this is just a FAQ. Which faction should I pick to start? The only thing it affects is your starting card. You will be able to collect the others and the deck you build will be based mostly on your gacha rolls anyway. What should I put my points from leveling up into?
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