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The term serodiscordant couple is usually used to refer to relationships where one partner is living with HIV and the other is not. Technically speaking, however, it can be used for any relationship where one person's blood tests positive for a virus and the other's does not. It is thus also often used to refer to couples where one person is living with herpes and the other is not, or where one is living with hepatitis and the other is not. The term serodiscordant is made up of two roots:. Therefore a serodiscordant couple is a couple who have different blood.

How Long Sex Lasts for Most Couples

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Your saved articles can be found here. Join now to start saving articles today. The Church of England has told heterosexual couples taking up the new option of civil partnerships that they should not have sex. The bishops issued new guidance after the law was changed to allow opposite-sex couples to enter into civil partnerships, previously reserved for same-sex couples. The first unions took place last month. Christian teaching holds that sex outside heterosexual marriage is sinful, so the church does not support extra-marital or gay sex.

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Top photo: Pixabay, via. How long do you spend having sex? Probably varies, doesn't it.
Gay couples have less stress in their marriages than their heterosexual or lesbian counterparts, according to a team of researchers who studied the issue, while lesbian couples report less marital stress than women married to men. Women in a different-sex relationship reported the highest levels of distress in their relationship. Straight men and women in a same-sex relationship registered about equally, and male same-sex couples had the least. Related: Having a gay friend makes you a better person according to science.