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Chana Boteach, daughter of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, poses for a picture in her kosher sex shop in the center of the Israeli coastal city of Tel Aviv, on August 30, At first sight, the store in the heart of Tel Aviv can appear to be a high-end boutique -- until the door opens onto a selection of vibrators and dildos. Everything at the sex shop conforms to the laws of Judaism, from the products on sale and the advice given, to the overall approach to sexuality, Boteach says. On the other side of the room, an associate and close friend sells hipster-style clothes that can draw in customers who may be too intimidated to otherwise enter a sex shop.

Kosher sex store in Tel Aviv run by rabbi’s daughter sells spice for marriages

Judaism and Sex: Questions and Answers | My Jewish Learning

Two ultra-Orthodox women walk by tranquilly with a baby stroller. Tucked in behind a rundown shopping center, without a sign, is the entrance to Ora, an institute for couples and family therapy. A Haredi woman is at the reception desk. Crowded into one of the therapy rooms are 15 women of various ages, together with their teacher, Rabbi Shraga Schlachter. Their lips form the words of the song they hear but, heeding the prohibition on singing in the presence of a man, no sound emerges from their throats. Thrilled, the women gaze at him with shining eyes. For quite a while, each woman speaks with impressive openness about the personal process she underwent with the aid of Schlachter, whom they refer to in the third person.

How a Notorious Pimp Became a Respected Rabbi and Sex Addiction Therapist

Judaism is generally very positive about sex, regarding it as a divine gift and a holy obligation — both for the purposes of procreation and for pleasure and intimacy. The Talmud specifies not merely that a husband is required to be intimate with his wife, but sources also indicate that he is obliged to sexually satisfy her. Instead, sexual activity is highly circumscribed in Jewish tradition, as the rabbis of the Talmud sought to use the human libido as a tool for increasing the population and strengthening marriage. Traditional Jewish law not only prohibits many types of sexual relationships, but it also dictates specific parameters even for permitted ones. And while Judaism is broadly permissive when it comes to sex between married adults, the same is not true for sexual activity outside of a committed relationship.
What makes a sex toy kosher was question number one after The Times of Israel received an invitation to visit a kosher sex shop that opened its doors recently in the heart of Tel Aviv. In fact, approaching the shop was initially confusing. To the right, closer to the window, are accessories such as blindfolds, silk handcuffs, feathers, body jewelry, candles, nipple tassels, perfumes and oils.