R mika butt slap

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Published: Jul 19, Finally got around finishing this! Reason I didn't before is simple I'm lazy due to july being a month break and Overwatch is too addicting The only thing I didn't draw were the frills on her panties, those I took from existing frames of her original SFA3 sprites and edited them to fit in this animation

Ono clears the air on why R.Mika’s butt slap was removed in Street Fighter V

Street Fighter 5 modders restore mcmeekinlaw.com's butt slap • mcmeekinlaw.com

Last year it emerged that Capcom had toned down Street Fighter 5 for its western release , specifically removing bubbly grappler R. Mika's butt slap and a glimpse of Cammy's crotch. The move sparked a censorship debate among the fighting game community. Some welcomed the change, some were outraged. Now Street Fighter 5 is out in the wild, modders have dipped into the PC version's code and restored both.

R.Mika Ass Slap - Completed animation

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