Old fashioned bare bottom spanking

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Do you approve of the old-fashioned bare bottom spanking?

Re: A Good Old-Fashioned, Over-The-Knee, Bare Bottom Spanking -- strict moms

First chapter I have a life-long interest for spanking, ever since I was a young child. I never got spanked as a kid, though I was always so excited to hear when other kids told that they had been spanked for one reason or another. Especially when my best friend, a girl named Sandra, told me about a spanking she had received. Since we were close friends, I could also ask her about a little more details of the spankings she got, seemlingly just caring for her. Not that I didn't, I loved her and didn't really want her to be spanked, but every time she told me I couldn't help but to whish that one day I would be lucky enough to be at her house when she was in for it. However, that never happened. But from what she told me through the years I knew following: Sandra's dad was the one who usually "gave her a beating" as he called them.

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Yes, used properly. I've only been spanked twice and I remember both times and what I did. Never did them again. I've turned out fine.
My father was a strict disciplinarian and believed in spanking as the only method. He did not believe in grounding, because this took policing on his part. He especially believed in embarrassment as a major part of the punishment and was more than willing to spank my bare behind in public or in front of my friends.