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He was the one who put his hands on me. I have warned you that these are not people you can trifle with … you are nothing to them and everything to me. Crossing the floor to a small table, he poured himself a small glass of Irish whiskey and tossed it back. Then he sighed and turned to look at her.

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Originally posted by theking-or-thekid. I was wondering if you where considering expanding on it and maybe telling the story of Riza telling Roy she is expecting? In fact, Roy would say the very same, ambitious, young man spoke and captivated the audience with his speech — rather than codger with a cane haunting Central Headquarters. The attendants laughed, they cried and stared off fondly into the distance over a heartfelt phrase. He presumed deliberately quiet for discretion so he leaned in towards her to answer.

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The look you get from them is ridiculously cute. So much frustration and need. And sexy. And it just makes me want to do it again.
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