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'American Beauty' 20th Anniversary: What's Still Beautiful and What's Turned Ugly?

The most difficult part of revisiting American Beauty may be remembering a time before Anthony Rapp and others brought allegations against Kevin Spacey. Lester Burnham Spacey is 42 in American Beauty. The film slut shames Angela Mena Suvari for being promiscuous. The intention is good.


Paris Hilton may be fully embracing her new calling as the meme queen of Twitter , but that doesn't mean she's forgotten the importance of an Instagram presence. In fact, she's been more active than ever on the mogul-saturated platform, uploading a vintage-inspired pin-up photo each day as a promotional countdown to her new single, "I Need You. In the Instagram post, Hilton poses in a bed more like pool, honestly of roses, just like Mena Suvari's character, Angela Hayes. Taking some creative license with the source material, Hilton is photographed wearing a pair of nude fish-net leggings, a French manicure, large rocks on her ears, and an even larger rock on that finger. It's also worth noting that she resembles Kylie Jenner quite a bit in this photo, which is a little eerie considering she very recently dressed up as Kim Kardashian West.
Jane and Angela are watching television when they hear Jane's parents return. Jane tries to go upstairs without being spotted, but Angela insists on saying hi to Jane's dad. Lester is getting something out of the fridge when Angela surprises him in the kitchen and starts to flirt with him. She reaches out as if to take a root beer, and Lester watches her arm move towards him. The movement slows down, becoming dreamlike, and repeats several times.