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Be warned that the rating description found on the ESRB website is not only pretty graphic in detail, but reveals potential spoilers for The Last of Us 2 , so we'd advise against reading any further if you're planning to go in completely blind. Still here? Good for you. According to the ESRB, The Last of Us 2 depicts all kinds of extreme violence, including "a human captive bound and hung from a noose before being disemboweled; assailants beating a restrained woman's arm with a hammer; characters shot in the head with arrows; [and] a man repeatedly pistol-whipped. Some zombie creatures are depicted with exposed breasts and genitalia. And as if sex and violence weren't enough, Naughty Dog's latest also throws drug use into the mix, too, with the ESRB mentioning "one sequence [that] depicts two characters smoking a marijuana joint in a room full of marijuana plants.

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