Is paige a lesbian

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After years of struggling for equal rights, acceptance, and to be recognized for their lifestyles, the LGBT community in America rejoiced when legislators declared same-sex marriage legal nationwide in The country has made great strides with increasing awareness on the subject of homosexuality and transgender issues through PSAs and through advocacy groups educating the public. The movement by the LGBTQ community was centered on the desire not to be shunned for their differences but to be accepted as part of the fabric of society. As a result of the growing public and societal acceptance of diverse lifestyles, more and more athletes and celebrities are feeling safe enough to come out and embrace their orientation proudly. The WWE has had a rich and diverse group of Superstars over the years from different ethnicities, backgrounds, and creeds, so it should come as no surprise that some of those stars identify as LGBTQ.

15 Wrestling Superstars You May Not Have Realized Are LGBTQ

There are a handful of LGBTI wrestlers making waves in the wrestling game, smashing stereotypes and living their lives out and proud. Deville came out as a lesbian on national television four years ago during a televised Tough Enough competition. Dave Marshall made international headlines in November last year when Gay Star News broke the story of his charity fundraising efforts. He started his wrestling career in , at the age of Marshall initially came out as bisexual to his now ex-girlfriend at the age of 23, then came out again as gay at What makes Marshall remarkable is his hugely successful charitable initiative of making homemade porn to fight LGBTI suicides. Marshall explained he wanted to do something to give back to the community after his father took his own life two years ago.

Bi 'Total Divas' Paige Claims Menstruation Increases Her Performance and Talks Lesbian Hookups

Paige is one of the sexiest divas in the WWE and her impact on the organization has been impressive. She recently revealed in an interview that her performances are much more impressive when her "monthly visitor" comes around. The sexy diva also revealed on her hit TV show, Total Divas , that her sexual attractions are not limited to men, suggesting that she may be bi and confirmed past lesbian hookups. Paige's real name is actually Saraya-Jade Bevis.
I can't really help it. Alex: And I have to be better when I'm around you. I can't help it, either.