Husband pays wife for sex

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It was bound to happen. Six years as an escort, and not once have I been on the receiving end of a phone call from a client's wife until last Tuesday afternoon. She said you've had sex with her husband and she wants to speak to you. She would like you to call her back. I thought to myself, "What am I going to say to this woman?

What a wife really wants to know when her husband pays for sex

'I pay my wife for oral sex as I need it more often than she does' - Mirror Online

This is the question one man has publicly posed, after writing into a relationship advice column. The unnamed Australian man explained to news. He claims his wife rarely wants to receive it and so in the past he has gone without it as well - once for "well over a year". But he now knows that he needs to have it more frequently, so has decided to pay his partner for doing it. He adds: "My question is, are these payment deals something that you consider disturbing, or if it works for both of us, is it OK?

Husband asks if it’s OK to pay his wife for sex – because he ‘needs’ it multiple times-a-day

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A MAN has asked if it's OK to pay his wife for sex, because he "needs it" multiple times-a-day, but has been slammed by a relationship expert. Writing for news. In a series called Relationship Rehab, the anonymous Aussie husband asked: "I pay my wife for sex: is this healthy? Writing into the paper, the bloke explained he came up with the solution after going "well over a year without" oral sex. He explained: "As our money is separate due to her being irresponsible, I put forward an idea:.