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Octodon degus is generally considered endemic to west central Chile, where it inhabits the lower slopes of the Andes. Although some have argued that its range may extend north into Peru, this is not well supported. It is common in the international pet trade, however, and is often used in laboratory studies outside of its native range. Contreras, et al. Octodon degus inhabits a mediterranean-type semi-arid shrubland ecosystem called "matorral", which is found on the western slopes of the Andes between 28 and 35 degrees south latitude. Further north the climate becomes too arid to support this plant community, and further south it is too wet.

Stress, Sleep, and Sex: A Review of Endocrinological Research in Octodon Degus

Sexing Degus Guide

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Sex differences during initial social contact in the degu (Octodon degus ).

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Link to Degutopia's degu sexing guide video on YouTube. If you're unsure how to tell the sex of your degus, this guide will teach you what to look for and how to tell the difference between male and female degus. The video above will take you through the process step by step, or see each step with pictures below. Male and female degus look very similar in outward appearance they are not markedly sexually dimorphic , so you can't tell the sex of a degu just by looking at them normally.