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Consider how differently leading English translations render this part of the verse. These translations appear to agree that the individuals in view are men who are engaged in some kind of sexual activity of which Paul disapproves. Should the terms be understood together or separately? Does the term malakos denote male homosexual activity generally , the passive participant in a homosexual act, a man who engages in paid sexual activity with other men, or an effeminate man? Does the term arsenokoites denote male homosexual activity generally or the active participant in a homosexual act specifically? A survey of the commentaries and academic literature yields further possibilities.

I Cor. 7:1-9 - Biblical Principles of Sex

His: Sex, Romance & Identity - 1 Cor. Part 2

When we come to the seventh chapter of First Corinthians we plunge right into a very explicit and forthright passage dealing with sex in marriage. Some people are squeamish about hearing this subject taught and preached on a Sunday morning, but the very fact that the Word of God, in all its purity and wholesomeness, treats a subject like this ought to correct that kind of undue scrupulosity among us. It should teach us that this is a subject that is very much worthwhile examining together. Besides, it is a passage of crucial significance for our day. You will remember from the first part of this letter that there were three young men who had come from the church in Corinth to Ephesus, where Paul was, bringing with them a report on the conditions of the church. Their names, Stephanas, Fortunatus, and Achaicus, are given to us in the last chapter of this letter.

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