Aquarius men and sex

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This guy has a very unconventional and kinky yearning when it comes down to sex and choosing a sex partner. Find out what an Aquarius man likes in bed and how amazing he can be. His sexual appetite leans more towards the curious side of experimenting rather than ordinary sex that you may be accustomed to with other sun sign boyfriends. Keep reading for more about the Aquarius man sexuality traits. Hopefully, you are in the mood to make love under any conditions, in any location, and at any time.

What It's Really Like To Have Sex With An Aquarius

Top 10 Tips To Turn On An Aquarius Man In Bed, Sexually

All mind, little body. He is always searching for the answers. He is eclectic to the point of being weird, a freak even, but in a cool brilliant sorta way. Non-conformist all the way. The same old same old is snoozeville and not for him. His imagination is fab and if you can untap it — voila! It can be hard to read an Aquarian in love.

The Aquarius Man

Email address:. There are times when the Aquarius man needs to be reminded that he has to take action with the person that he likes. He prolongs the foreplay and he sometimes forgets about the climax, taking him a lot of time to make a decision about what to do next. But if you managed to reach his most passionate side, he will be a creative and energetic lover. The Aquarius man always makes sure his partner has reached climax.
First of all, you need to learn their characteristics so that you can use it to excite them in bed without fail. It is very important, especially when you are in a marriage with an Aquarius man, unlike a Scorpio, Cancer or Aires, that you understand and accept the fact that he is very stubborn. And for that matter, you will make sure that you are satisfying him in the right manner. If he likes taking you from behind, give it to him just the way he wants it but only after he has worked for it and he will love you for it. It is the art of teasing that will make him forget his stubbornness and yield to your demands, which will most certainly make it easier for you to make his night in bed.