Anal eze review

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My partner and I have always discussed doing anal sex. It has taken me years to finally get over it, and my partner and I decided to do it soon. He apparently knows what to do , but I have no idea. We purchased Anal Eaze to help me out. Anal sex can be quite pleasurable, or when not done right, can cause considerable discomfort.

Anal Eze Cream 1.5 oz

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The Anal Eze formula substantially reduces the initial discomfort of anal intercourse while its lubricating properties allow for ease of penetration. It works by slightly numbing the anal region in a similar way to Novocaine. Many men also Anal Eze inside of condoms to help numb the penis and delay ejaculation. Not recommended for oral use as it will numb your mouth although it does have a fresh-tasting cherry flavor. Anal Eze is latex condom safe. Active ingredient: Benzocaine.

Numbing Lubricants: A Terrible Product, or the MOST Terrible Product?

I understand that Anal Eaze will numb everything that it is applied to, but are there any other consequences? My girlfriend enjoys it when I insert my tongue in the hole as well as lick around the hole and insert my finger or a small anal plug. I can usually make her squirt, so I presume that she is receiving pleasure from oral anal sex. My next step is to insert my penis; I have attempted insertion once and got the head in by using Vaseline, but it was painful.
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