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Latina is a young girl with platinum blond hair and grey eyes. She styles her hair in twin tails to conceal her horns. She's also normally seen wearing a green dress, with light frills and a yellow ribbon on her collar. As a devil, Latina possessed a pair of black horns with the color her father's. However, her left horn was broken for her punishment when she was judged a criminal by the priestess Epilogi.

Non-Medical Prescription Sedative Use Among Adult Latina Mothers and Daughters

Why Young Adult Latina Women Don’t Talk to their Parents About Birth Control - Child Trends

Reports show that Hispanic young adults are less likely to access sexual and reproductive health services compared with their white counterparts, and this may make them vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases STDs and unintended pregnancies. Access to sexual and reproductive health services provide women with practical information about reproductive choices, and can offer access to contraception. Thus, the question becomes, why do young adult Latinos shy away from receiving sexual and reproductive health services? At Child Trends, we conducted focus groups with 95 young adult Latina women ages and 24 health care providers to shed some light on this question. These focus groups showed, like other studies, that lack of insurance, transportation, and child care shaped young Latinas access to reproductive health services. While some young women perceived parental support for accessing these services, the majority did not. Those who perceived a lack of support took steps to hide their receipt of services from their parents, if they sought such services.

Sexual Risk During Initial Months in US Among Latina Young Adults

This study examines correlates of non-medical prescription sedative, tranquilizer, and hypnotics use hereafter NPSU among a non-clinical, community-based sample of adult Latina mother-daughter dyads. Interviewers administered a questionnaire containing study variables such as age, education, time in the U. Correlates of NPSU across mothers and daughters were determined using a dyadic model analysis. Mothers who reported being uninsured, having higher levels of education, and indicating poorer health statuses reported more NPSU. Insured mothers and mothers who engaged in illicit drug use had daughters who reported more NPSU.
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