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Hussie Models is a licensed and bonded adult models agency. Our adult modeling agents specialize in working with fresh faces who are new to the industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to guide new models in advancing their careers. After being in this business a long time, we have the experience and expertise to help you make the right decisions to grow your career and excel in the adult modeling industry. Our adult models agency has a standout reputation amongst other adult models agencies which gives our models lots of opportunities. We frequently contract with many reputable studios and produce our own content as well.

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Katrina Danforth, who also goes by the name Lynn Pleasant, pleaded guilty to two counts of using interstate commerce in the commission of murder for hire. The hitman was an undercover police officer. According to court records, Danforth has two children, including a child she shares with the victim in the case. Contests Newsletters Apps. Watch Now. Idaho adult film actress to be sentenced Tuesday for hiring a hitman February 24, PM.

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Just as in real life With that in mind, it seems pretty obvious that what you need to make your production a success is a supremely-talented actress. They can show off their pearly whites and sell your product in a commercial spot, put on their dancing shoes for your musical production, or take on a starring or supporting role in your film or television show. Whatever part you need played, these ladies are ready for that hair and make-up chair! Hiring the right actress for your film, television show, play, or commercial is critical for a successful production.
At Nexxxt Level Talent Agency we take a proactive approach with each of the performers we represent. From the beginning we get actively involved in making sure the top directors and producers in the adult industry see our performers first, looking amazing, going into each project well prepared and excited to make each day their best performance. We are committed to help each of our models, in the Nexxxt Level family, achieve professional and financial goals as we plan your career together.